"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Monday, March 28, 2011

What a weekend!

Warning this is a long post, sorry but I hope you enjoy it!

We had quite a busy weekend. I meant to do a post on Friday and thought about on Saturday by Sunday I barely made it to my bed. In fact I think I'm ready for the next weekend just for the hope it brings of sleeping in....... wait I think I might be dreaming there is no sleeping in at this household. We're very lucky our boys don't wake up super early and both of them go to sleep at a regular time each night (or most nights) on their own bed; the problem is that when they go to sleep my husband and I stay up to spend some time together and well sometimes we stay up way past our bedtime. Every morning I say to myself tonight I will go to sleep earlier and then 9pm rolls around and I start reading or cleaning or watching some our favorite shows on TV and then by the time we look up it's already 11pm or even midnight.  Oh well, I will sleep when I'm dead!!!

{Friday Photo Bliss} This is what made me happy this past week....
Loved the rain ant the cooler temperatures it brought!
I wish this were always in bloom. I love it's sweet aroma :)
My boys really need a sand box!
After the rain there is always sunshine!
I almost picked this one for my "Tickel Me Pink" submission but I don't think is quite the shade of pink that it needs to be. I still love it!  

Project64/week-12/Tickel Me pink
Saturday we had a great family outing to The Renaissance Festival that happens every year here in AZ. This was our first time going didn't take as many pictures as I though but I found my "tickle me pink" shot amongs other great shots to help us look back and remember the fun times we spend as a family. Every year we had said we wanted to go yet up until now it seem to just pass us by. I was so glad "aunt Pammy" as my youngest calls her invited us to join her and her grandson. He is a little older than my oldest and although they don't see each other often everytime they get to hang together it's a blast for both of them. I hope that as they get older they keep in touch. 

Our three musketeers!
What could be better than to see them having fun!
This was AWESOME to watch!

 This is what we wanted to do when we got back from the festival!


  1. So beautiful! You know what I'm going to say already...LOVE the owl!! :)

  2. You captured some fabulous shots at the festival. And the pink parasol looks like it would be a lot of fun to photograph. But the birds are amazing. My entry is: http://www.peripheralperceptions.org/2011/03/26/project64-tickle-me-pink/

  3. Love the umbrella, but love the goggles too!
    Kendall @ P64

  4. We have never been to the Ren Faire either.
    Maybe, next year. lol
    Great shot of the parasol for TMP.

  5. I love Ren Faires! Your Pink photos are great, love them! Thanks for linking up with project 64!


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