"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Overload!!!

I can't believe I'm barely posting things that were capture last Friday. We had quite a busy last weekend as I mention on my last post and I guess it has taken me the whole to recover. Friday my oldest son's preschool went to the Phoenix Childrens Museum and we all had so much fun. This place is seriously full of fun ideas that I'm dyeing to try to do. I don't know who had more fun the kids or the creative souls of the adults that came with the kids. I won't post all the pictures that I got because well it would be a super long post so here we go I hope you enjoy....

I absolutely love this bathtub....it might not look that big but believe me its BIG!
I love all the different ways they use recycable items to make art! Although it will only make it harder to get rid of things around the house now.

This one is another of my favorites not sure if its because of the shoes or the socks or everything as a whole. The next photo makes me smile so big because I love to see when my boys let their imagination take over. He told me "hold on mommy because I'm driving"

As always I had several ideas to capture "pacific blue" for Project64 but at the end I think these two pictures show it in a perfect way. I should add that when they took a shower the water look pretty pacific blue due to the fact that the older brother decided to paint the little ones hair blue.

In honor of this little guy turning three the following day this one is my submission for Project64 - week 16 - pacific blue

We finish the day by taking the boys to watch Rio which we all loved.
On the way home there was silence which now days it's a luxury for our ears :) We love that our boys are so talkative but sometimes I swear we feel like we have to schedule an appointment to talk between my husband and I.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy, busy bee!

This week has gone by so quickly....and the weekend is full of activities.

    Originally I was going to post the following for "magenta"
After all this is very common on my neck of the woods! :)

Quite franckly I don't really think it's magenta! Pretty yes but not exactly what I had in mind for this weeks color. I always thought of magenta being a deep almost red color but it's not. My youngest boy loves looking for the color of the week. He gets upset because I won't let him use "my pretty" crayons. On tuesday we were talking about colors and he remembered that we were looking for magenta. He looked outside our window and said "look mommy, that bush has magenta growing on it" I hadn't notice that our oliander shrubs had blooms on them. This week had a little extra challenge which was to try to take you picture with your cellphone so with that in hand I went outside. The phone I have right now is the best phone I have ever owned but I don't think the camera is the greatest in super bright sunny days. This is what I got....
Sunny, sunny day...

This is what I got after creating some shade.

 At the end after I got hot and the kids were pounding on the windows I grabbed one of the blossoms and took it inside. I placed the blossom on top of a little rocking chair in front of the window and this result was a lot better.... I think!

 I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I need to go get some rest. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and a fun time looking for "pacific blue" I already spotted a few possibilities but I will wait for just a little longer and see what else comes up.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color in my world.

I'm falling behind on my coloring, the past two colors have been quite hard because every time I thought I had found my submission I would second guessed it. I just wasn't feeling any of my finds.

Project64- Week 14 / Burnt Sienna
This one was one that I wish I would have notice sooner. I know the lighting and composition are probably off but this is a very special piece for my husband. He bought this used baseball and glove as a child and has manage to keep it in the same condition. It even survived a house robbery he had a few months before we got married. We don't handle it too often.

Here are a few other shots that I consider.

Of to find "magenta" I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ramblings and dreams!

It's pretty late but I must write. I have so much stirring inside of me....okay most of the time I'm always thinking and dreaming as I go about my day. I often think to far in advance and dream too many dreams all at once and sometimes I get a little discourage when things don't happen as I see in my head....this past two days has felt like a little of an overload.  Please forgive me if something doesn't make sense or I go around on circles or I'm all over the place.

Friday and Saturday I spend a BIG part of my day sitting in front of my computer or very close to it so that I could hear Jasmine Star an amazing human being and fabulous wedding photographer share her knowledge on a FREE workshop thru creativeLIVE. Listening to this woman talk makes you feel like you can fly to the moon if that's what you want to do. Thanks to people like her, people like me can believe that anything is possible. See.... here I go! I feel like there is so much to say about her and the whole experience of listening to her and yet I can't put it into words. She exudes this amazing energy that even thru the screen of my computer I felt it. How I found about her doing this workshop?  Well I follow several photographers on Facebook and she is one of them. Yes this meant I didn't do somethings that needed to be done around the house but who in their right mind would past up the opportunity of learning from one of the best for free. She didn't talk just about photography; she talked about life, dreams and being happy. 

I took many notes but of course I couldn't write everything she said but I wish I could have done that. Here I will put some of the quotes she said that really stuck to me

"You might not like where you are right now but dang you've come a long way~Jasmine Star"

When she said that it gave me chills because I'm guilty of thinking a lot about where I want to be more than realizing that where I am at is such an improvement from where I started. The life that I live today was once only a dream. I'm blessed beyond believe and for that I am grateful. 

"Is not important to be THE best, is important to be YOUR best.~ Jasmine Star"

The one above is so true in any aspect of life. We are always striving to be the best often comparing ourselves with this person or that person. Without realizing it we are failing because if we could just be who we are then we would be our best and that would be perfect but I know this is easier said than done....for that all I can say is practice, practice, practice!

"There is only ONE you~ Jasmine Star"

Watching this workshop made me feel so many different emotions and I'm sure I'm not alone. There were tears not just in me but also on the people lucky enough to be present at the workshop in front of Jasmine. She, herself shed some tears and shared very intimate information about her life and that's probably why I felt so connected.

Some people have told me that I have changed over the years and at the time I couldn't really understand what they were saying but now I do. Yes I have changed! Shouldn't we all do with time and become better. I'm not the same person that I was ten years ago. Was I happy then? Yes I believe I was happy at the time. I was just about to turn 20 I had lots of dreams. Some that seem unreachable but found out later they weren't. I began to find myself and a several years later I met an amazing man that according to some only existed in my dreams. I got married and that made me grow into a person I didn't know was there. I experienced life in a different way. He made me feel happy, beautiful, powerful, very much loved and after seven years that hasn't changed. During that period I also became a mom talk about change. Nothing prepares you to be a parent and just when you think you have the hang of things there is something new. Everyone has challenges but I believe that the outcome depends on the choices you make. I can assure you that the person I will be in ten years as scary as that may sound will be a much better person than who and what I'm today.

Life is good!

This photo was taken by a great friend of mine Leslie of Leslie Styler Photgraphy. She is amongst some of  the wonderful, encouraging and talented people that I have had a chance to meet on Facebook.

Okay I think I could go to sleep now I feel much better :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project64 / week-64 /spring green

I have been meaning to post my "spring green" find. I actually shot different things but I kept going back to this photos. I will have to confess they are from over a year ago from my last visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens. I will be going again pretty soon and I'm very excited about it :) and hopefully these beauties are still there.

Back on Jan of 2010 the beautiful glass sculptures sit just outside the admissions area.  "The Desert Towers" were created specially for the Desert Botanical Gardens by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. How I wish his exhibition would come again to the gardens; I can just imagine all the beautiful pieces. I have seen his work on pictures but seeing it in person I believe would be a lot better. If you want to learn more about him and where his current exhibitions are please visit http://www.chihuly.com/ and if you are ever in AZ wanting to go for a nice walk and see all of the native plants to this part of the country visit http://www.dbg.org/ They always have fun things going around.

Which one of the three pictures above is your favorite?

Okay now on to keep coloring :)
"Burnt Sienna" I'm looking for you!

P.S Big thank you to all my new followers....I still can't believe my follower group has grown so much in less than a week. Wow this is so awesome.

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's party time!

Okay I found this thru another blogger(  http://www.becominghomegrown.com )that I follow and it seemed like a great idea to join in the fun. This whole idea was started by http://www.5minutesformom.com several years ago, head over there to check them out. Their blog is full of great information. 

 Lets see if I do this correctly :) 

My name is Carmen, a very happy and grateful stay home mom of two beautiful boys ages 5 and almost 3; married to an amazingly supportive man. One of the words that describes me is dreamer, I always have been and probably always will be. I'm have a creative soul, I love reading, writing and drawing at times. Love my family and friends more than words can describe. I'm a giver, very passionate person. If I could I would take my camera with me everywhere. Is it okay to say that I love my camera because it allows me to freeze little and big moments that pass by way to fast. Gosh don't know what else to say it's hard to talk about me....I rather let you see. 

I just started my blog at the beginning of this year as a way to share my new 365 photography project with others. So far it has been super fun. Sometimes I still can't believe I the one that used to be afraid of computers has a blog, a facebook account and uses her computer on a daily basis. I have meet some many great friends and learned so much thru this bright screen. 

I will confess that I love reading the comments I get. It's hard to describe but it makes me happy. I need to get better at leaving them when I visit other blogs.

I hope you enjoy my blog it's quite simple but I'm learning everyday so you never know when it will change.