"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Monday, February 28, 2011

Colors all around us!

I can't remember exactly how I found a link to a another blogger that is doing a very colorful project. It's called "Project64: out of the box" and here is the link to her blog http://www.project64colors.blogspot.com/ I think this is such a fun idea that includes all the colors out of a box of 64 Crayola crayons but trying to find then one week at a time.   I'm, as you know in the mist of my 365 porject but sometimes I don't exactly know what to photograph and this will more than likely help me on those days where inspiration or motivation is low. As soon as I found this link I went to dig thru my many foldres and found all the colors and with this I'm all caught up and ready to find the next color.

 1.- yellow green  2.- carnation pink  3.-chestnut 4.- Robin's egg blue

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5.-Gray 6.-Apricot 7.-Indigo 8.-Lavender

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nature's Beauty!

It's so hard to understand how something sooo beautiful can cause so much trouble for my poor husband. I love the fact that anytime he notice flowers blooming he lets me know even when there are bad news for him.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is Valentine's all about?

The day has come and gone...thank goodness. I LOVE celebrating love and friendship but don't necessarily like what it has become. Everything seems to be about how big or how much money is spend on what you give/get and I absolutely HATE the fact that some of the advertisements make you feel like you are a horrible person if you don't get your loved one this or that.
 I love the fact that although my oldest understands that Valentine's is a day to celebrate "Love & Friendship" he knows that those  should be celebrated all year long and that it really is the little things that matter. This year he picked hair bows for his little "girl" friends at school. He choose all in the same hot pink color because he said "If they are all the same then they will not fight" He is soo funny! For the boys we had a little more fun :)

We really enjoyed doing these!!

"The simple way to say "I love you"to my honey"

"The unexpected gift of love"
From the parents of the child I babysit.

A flower and butterflies for my youngest son two "girl" friends.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monday & Wednesday and can't show you Tuesday :)

        Seven years ago I bought a box of rose petals and on Monday I found it as I was moving some things. I had this aha moment. As soon as my son went to preschool and the other one laid down for a nap I quickly gather my items and got to work....and this is what I made.
This time it didn't brake and I'm sure it will last a few years and the best thing it didn't cost a thing because I had everything already. Being creative is a good thing because you can see things in a way that only creative people understand but it's also bad because it's very distractive.

     This "wacky" weather as my sons would say called for warm comfort foods. My boys including my husband love " homemade sopita" which is basically tomato soup with small pasta in it. We eat it with grilled cheese, or baked rolled tacos or on this Wednesday we ate it with Fritos. Very simple, not healthy but oh soooo yummy! I used alphabet pasta and well I couldn't help but to play with my food :) The boys ate really good and had fun fishing for the letters to make their names so it was also educational.

The house smelled delish when my hubby and my oldest son got home. "You are the best cooker in the whole world" A.S

Our weekend

   I have been meaning to post for about three days now but tonight I will and I think that I will probably post once a week and if I can more. I have been using my camera more often sometimes I don't get exactly what I had in mind but what matters is to practice. 

       This week has been crazy weather wise. I actually would rather have the heat than this 45 degrees that reads right now. I keep telling myself it could be worse and I know that soon enough the temperatures will turn around.

    The following collages is from this past Saturday, we got together to celebrate my brother-in-law's ?? birthday. This is my nephew doing one of his favorite things to do; which he does quite well I might add. I always get so excited to think about spending some family time. I write a mental note of pictures I want to make sure that I get but of course I get to talking and well when you are having fun time just seems to slip thru your fingers but this are special because my boys idolize their cousin. I wish we lived closer so that they could see him more often but I also know that the age gap might start to really show pretty soon so every little moment right now I know will be treasured by them.

It's so amazing for me to see how much he has changed over the years. When I meet him he was the same age my oldest is right now or maybe just a little younger. He is such a special young man. I hope he knows how much he means to me, my boys and his uncle. 

The following collage is from Sunday.
We love animals!!! I think we have visited almost all the zoos in AZ expect for two I think. I'm sure this year we will get to those. My oldest has said he would love to work with animals and the youngest is always wanting to bring all of them home. We had a great weekend.