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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monday & Wednesday and can't show you Tuesday :)

        Seven years ago I bought a box of rose petals and on Monday I found it as I was moving some things. I had this aha moment. As soon as my son went to preschool and the other one laid down for a nap I quickly gather my items and got to work....and this is what I made.
This time it didn't brake and I'm sure it will last a few years and the best thing it didn't cost a thing because I had everything already. Being creative is a good thing because you can see things in a way that only creative people understand but it's also bad because it's very distractive.

     This "wacky" weather as my sons would say called for warm comfort foods. My boys including my husband love " homemade sopita" which is basically tomato soup with small pasta in it. We eat it with grilled cheese, or baked rolled tacos or on this Wednesday we ate it with Fritos. Very simple, not healthy but oh soooo yummy! I used alphabet pasta and well I couldn't help but to play with my food :) The boys ate really good and had fun fishing for the letters to make their names so it was also educational.

The house smelled delish when my hubby and my oldest son got home. "You are the best cooker in the whole world" A.S


  1. YUMMY! That dinner sounded so good...and warm. :) Your Valentine decoration turned out so pretty, too.

  2. OMGosh, you are so darn creative Carmen!!! : ) I love reading all of your posts too! Love the idea with the alphabet soup--super (or shall I say "souper") cute! : ) Lol, wouldn't the same idea be cute for an engagement shoot too? To have the two fiances holding their spoons together and have their name on each side, bringing the two together? : )


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