"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Saturday, January 29, 2011

         Okay, I think I have missed posting several pictures :(
I'm wondering already if this little adventure is too much? Yep, that is one of my problems I second guess myself a lot, I want things to be just like I pictured in my head and once something doesn't fall into place I kind of start to feel like maybe it isn't meant to be. Many times I miss the point completely it's not what my plan was but what His plan was. Yes I missed posting several images but what really happen was family time, mommy and daddy time, time to just relax without thinking about anything, time to recharge.
A lot of things are happening....my babies are growing up so fast. One will start kindergarten this fall and well it kind of hurts. My wonderful husband and I will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary soon.  My little man will be turning three and just like that he will be gone to preschool. Life is perfect even in the not so perfect days because when I really think about it at one point or another in my past I was dreaming about the life I live now. Am I making any sense?

He LOVES to play with bubbles just so that he can capture them again! Ahhh... the little joys of life. Sometimes I think my life isn't all that interesting but you know what it is!

Why is it sooo hard to get them to just sit still so that I can get a good picture of them? I had to promise candy and this is what I got.

Love your life, accept it just as is. Today! Now! So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why do they have to grow so fast?

Jan 24, 2011
Today this little angel turned two months old and I can't believe how fast he is growing. No.....he is not mine I just have the honor of watching him while his loving parents are working and well I just can't resist to take pictures of him and if you think this are cute you should see his sweet little face :) but I can't share those without approval.
I just wish I could make my own be this little again. :( I don't have pictures like this of my little ones.
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Little things that matter!


I know I'm blessed beyond believe! As time goes on, more than likely you will meet everyone that I hold close to my heart. Family is very important to me and I'm not saying only the that God gave me but also the one that as I get older I choose for myself. Growing up I can say I was a very happy child didn't have everything I wanted but I did get everything I needed. I appreciate everything so much more because of that. When I married my husband I became part of this other AMAZING family. We truly love each other and although for some might be unbelievable we enjoy spending time together which we try to do as often as possible. On Sunday we got and unexpected call and invitation to come over and visit with my brother-in-law and his wife. They are actually the ones we see the most because we lived closer but every moment we spend  together is cherish by all of us. I have become very close to my sister-in-law, I can almost say we are sisters and the best thing is that I believe that the feeling is mutual. I have so many special memories with this beautiful person. She took me to get my first EVER pedicure almost two years ago and on Sunday my first EVER massage and I LOVED IT. She knows I love photography and just like in everything else she is very supportive so this Sunday she surprised me with the following prop. I love it......now she just needs to get me a baby to put in it :) I love you Jamie and I know I probably have told you before but there is no words to describe all that I feel for you. I feel sooo blessed to have you in my life.

To most people this is just a basket but not to me :) Life it's all about the little things that sometimes could go unnoticed.

Thank you, Jamie
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Music LOVE!!!

Well as I type this I see that it's already midnight and just like that Saturday is gone. It was a wonderful day spent with that ones I love the most. It was literally what the doctor ordered....since the little ones have been feeling under the weather.

This is how I ended my Saturday and began my Sunday......
I LOVE music, all types of music. When I was younger or better yet before I became a mom I used to always listen to music as loud as I wanted, whenever I wanted but specially loved it as I cleaned because it made it a lot more enjoyable not that I don't enjoy cleaning because I do. Music just makes me feel happy. Now whenever I turn the music on all I can hear are request from my little ones to hear this or that song which leaves me hearing what they want and although I enjoy seeing them dance around I end up not getting much of anything done. Tonight or better yet Saturday night after putting the kids to bed and putting some laundry to wash I grabbed my laptop and headphones; pulled a chair next to the sink and started to wash dishes....we do have a dishwasher and it does work but some times I actually enjoy doing them by hand. Anyway I normally use my phone and earphones because it allows me to move and listen as loud as I want specially at night but this time my phone was dyeing and couldn't find my earphones and that wasn't going to stop me from listening to my music while I cleaned. The funny thing is that more often than not I end up singing at the top of my lungs specially if a song I really enjoy comes up; and well this time wasn't the exception I caught my husband just watching me as I danced and singed as you can only do when you think no one is watching. Ahhh the simple things in life. My music taste has evolved as I get older, I  now appreciate songs or genres that I might of overlooked when I was younger and I love that. It's so magical how music can take you to a special moment in your life. Oh my is already 12:47am and I must hit the sheets or I will pay the price tomorrow :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't know what I'm doing up at this time of the night......I know it's not too late but believe me I should be sleeping.
Last night we all went to bed as we normally do around here but by midnight our oldest child woke up throwing up and basically continued for most of the night of and on until about 5am. That's the last time he did it. Needless to say I barely got 3 or so hours of sleep. He is doing a lot better, his doctor said that most likely something didn't agree with him. I'm so glad he is feeling better because I hate to see my boys sick; it's so draining both physically and mentally(so if something doesn't make sense, bare with me).

You might ask why pictures of bubbles...well let me explain! For some reason every time any of my boys get sick I want to move them into a bubble so that they don't have to be in pain and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has ever though of that. Of course I know that not only is it not possible it also wouldn't be fair to them.

When my oldest was born he had to stay a week longer in the hospital and when we were finally able to get him home that's when the very first though about putting a bubble around him came to me. That hour drive was one of the longest of my entire life.

So today was a very relaxed kind of day. there wasn't much done around the house. We watched movies, read books and in between that I did a few loads of laundry from the previous night and made soup. I spent a day completely focused on my fast growing boys and I know they notice these kind of things because today I got "Thank you for taking care of me and for everything you do" but the best thing is A(my oldest) told me "Mommy when you and daddy get older but I mean really, really older and I am older too; if you guys get sick I will take good care of you guys"   Thank you God, for allowing me to know this feeling of being a mother to my sweet little boys.

This two images were fun to capture. They aren't the best quality(taken inside the house just half hour ago with horrible lighting) but I couldn't resist to play with them and I wanted to share them.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fostering Creativity

Today was a crafty kind of day.

It started by me building a ramp so that my youngest could play with his Shake & Go cars (I think that's what they are call) I love to see them play with things like that.

My oldest had a little friend over; they were playing in the other room building things with Legos-Trios and building forts. It's amazing when they get into playing nicely together how it could seem like you have no kids at all. At least for a little while it just seems like that until one of them decides that there is an essential piece to their project and just so happens to be the same. All part of growing I suppose. Once they got tired of playing they started to feel hungry and you know that because the crabbiness begins!!

All of the sudden they want food and they wanted NOW and the oldest decides that he is going to take off his clothes and run around in his underpants. Which was extremely rare for him got him dress in his new favorite shirt and we all sat down to eat.

After lunch Grandma Donut came over and we did a small valentines craft. I love to see them enjoying these kind of things. Then it was time to go to preschool.

I decided to do a craft of my own. I had the idea of using some Christmas bulbs that we didn't use any more and do a heart to hang somewhere in the house for Valentines. It actually look really pretty but it broke as I was trying to hang it. :( I felt a little upset because of the time wasted but my husband who just so happen to get home at that time ask me "Did you enjoy making it?' Of course I did so he said to me that's all that matters. Art is all about trial and error and I know that but sometimes I forget. He always has just the right words to encourage me. I know I'm blessed beyond believe.
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January 19, 2011 (second post)

Last night I sat in front of the computer wondering should I post this picture or that picture?
Here is my dilemma:
1.- I take too many pictures (thank goodness for digital) but it makes it hard to choose just one image.
2.- I find myself worrying about people being able to copy and paste or save my pictures. I wish we didn't have to worry about that.

For today there will be two posts because I don't want to fall behind.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing catch up!

I started this blog on Jan 13 late at night after I had put the kids to bed and ever since then I have been trying to catch up so that I can do my first post. There was something in me telling me I HAD to start by posting as if it was the first day of the year. CRAZY idea... now I know. It wasn't until last night that it finally dawn on me that there is no such rule. I can start from whatever day I want to...haaaaaaaa but then what do I do with all those pictures I have been taking for the past 17 days. I have already learned several new things and that is good, very good.

Here is a collage of some of the pictures I have taken so far. There is a lot more.....thank goodness it's all digital. This month so far has been great and is not over yet.
Okay now that I have shared some of the pictures that I had taken I feel that I'm caught up. This is all very new to me but I'm enjoying it :) :) and to think that at one point in my life I was afraid to turn a computer on because I was afraid I would break it. I hope you guys enjoy sharine this adventure with me.