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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fostering Creativity

Today was a crafty kind of day.

It started by me building a ramp so that my youngest could play with his Shake & Go cars (I think that's what they are call) I love to see them play with things like that.

My oldest had a little friend over; they were playing in the other room building things with Legos-Trios and building forts. It's amazing when they get into playing nicely together how it could seem like you have no kids at all. At least for a little while it just seems like that until one of them decides that there is an essential piece to their project and just so happens to be the same. All part of growing I suppose. Once they got tired of playing they started to feel hungry and you know that because the crabbiness begins!!

All of the sudden they want food and they wanted NOW and the oldest decides that he is going to take off his clothes and run around in his underpants. Which was extremely rare for him got him dress in his new favorite shirt and we all sat down to eat.

After lunch Grandma Donut came over and we did a small valentines craft. I love to see them enjoying these kind of things. Then it was time to go to preschool.

I decided to do a craft of my own. I had the idea of using some Christmas bulbs that we didn't use any more and do a heart to hang somewhere in the house for Valentines. It actually look really pretty but it broke as I was trying to hang it. :( I felt a little upset because of the time wasted but my husband who just so happen to get home at that time ask me "Did you enjoy making it?' Of course I did so he said to me that's all that matters. Art is all about trial and error and I know that but sometimes I forget. He always has just the right words to encourage me. I know I'm blessed beyond believe.
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  1. OMGosh, your kids are PRECIOUS! : ) What sweethearts! Haha, I laughed when I read about what your oldest did--kids are so funny, haha :D I love, love, love what your husband said about when your special Valentine's Day craft broke after you made it. It's soo true--and what a great way to look on the bright side of things. Did you enjoy the process? I'm going to have to remember that! : ) I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and sometimes let being perfect spoil the fun that I have while I'm doing something I love. Good advice, thank you!! : )

  2. In preschool we say, "It's the process,not the product", but when it comes to my own projects, it must be perfect! :) Love the pics, Carmen!

  3. Beba, thank you for your kind words and yes my husband is great in helping me see the bright side of things and when it's not him it's me for him so we complement each other good. Jessi, isn't funny how we try to teach the little ones that it's okay to make mistakes yet we as creative adults can deal with that.


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