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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Music LOVE!!!

Well as I type this I see that it's already midnight and just like that Saturday is gone. It was a wonderful day spent with that ones I love the most. It was literally what the doctor ordered....since the little ones have been feeling under the weather.

This is how I ended my Saturday and began my Sunday......
I LOVE music, all types of music. When I was younger or better yet before I became a mom I used to always listen to music as loud as I wanted, whenever I wanted but specially loved it as I cleaned because it made it a lot more enjoyable not that I don't enjoy cleaning because I do. Music just makes me feel happy. Now whenever I turn the music on all I can hear are request from my little ones to hear this or that song which leaves me hearing what they want and although I enjoy seeing them dance around I end up not getting much of anything done. Tonight or better yet Saturday night after putting the kids to bed and putting some laundry to wash I grabbed my laptop and headphones; pulled a chair next to the sink and started to wash dishes....we do have a dishwasher and it does work but some times I actually enjoy doing them by hand. Anyway I normally use my phone and earphones because it allows me to move and listen as loud as I want specially at night but this time my phone was dyeing and couldn't find my earphones and that wasn't going to stop me from listening to my music while I cleaned. The funny thing is that more often than not I end up singing at the top of my lungs specially if a song I really enjoy comes up; and well this time wasn't the exception I caught my husband just watching me as I danced and singed as you can only do when you think no one is watching. Ahhh the simple things in life. My music taste has evolved as I get older, I  now appreciate songs or genres that I might of overlooked when I was younger and I love that. It's so magical how music can take you to a special moment in your life. Oh my is already 12:47am and I must hit the sheets or I will pay the price tomorrow :)

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