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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is Valentine's all about?

The day has come and gone...thank goodness. I LOVE celebrating love and friendship but don't necessarily like what it has become. Everything seems to be about how big or how much money is spend on what you give/get and I absolutely HATE the fact that some of the advertisements make you feel like you are a horrible person if you don't get your loved one this or that.
 I love the fact that although my oldest understands that Valentine's is a day to celebrate "Love & Friendship" he knows that those  should be celebrated all year long and that it really is the little things that matter. This year he picked hair bows for his little "girl" friends at school. He choose all in the same hot pink color because he said "If they are all the same then they will not fight" He is soo funny! For the boys we had a little more fun :)

We really enjoyed doing these!!

"The simple way to say "I love you"to my honey"

"The unexpected gift of love"
From the parents of the child I babysit.

A flower and butterflies for my youngest son two "girl" friends.

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