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Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Overload!!!

I can't believe I'm barely posting things that were capture last Friday. We had quite a busy last weekend as I mention on my last post and I guess it has taken me the whole to recover. Friday my oldest son's preschool went to the Phoenix Childrens Museum and we all had so much fun. This place is seriously full of fun ideas that I'm dyeing to try to do. I don't know who had more fun the kids or the creative souls of the adults that came with the kids. I won't post all the pictures that I got because well it would be a super long post so here we go I hope you enjoy....

I absolutely love this bathtub....it might not look that big but believe me its BIG!
I love all the different ways they use recycable items to make art! Although it will only make it harder to get rid of things around the house now.

This one is another of my favorites not sure if its because of the shoes or the socks or everything as a whole. The next photo makes me smile so big because I love to see when my boys let their imagination take over. He told me "hold on mommy because I'm driving"

As always I had several ideas to capture "pacific blue" for Project64 but at the end I think these two pictures show it in a perfect way. I should add that when they took a shower the water look pretty pacific blue due to the fact that the older brother decided to paint the little ones hair blue.

In honor of this little guy turning three the following day this one is my submission for Project64 - week 16 - pacific blue

We finish the day by taking the boys to watch Rio which we all loved.
On the way home there was silence which now days it's a luxury for our ears :) We love that our boys are so talkative but sometimes I swear we feel like we have to schedule an appointment to talk between my husband and I.

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