"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday afternoon at the garden!

I have been looking for "red violet" everywhere but I had no luck or maybe it was just me that wasn't quite pleased with my finds.  However on Thursday a friend of mine informed me that on Friday was National Gardens Day and to celebrate it the Desert Botanical Gardens had a FREE entrance day which included their butterfly exhibit(we didn't make it to this but we still had fun) I was happy to see they still had "The Desert Towers" created for the garden by Dale Chihuly. My boys really enjoyed walking along the trails, listening to the bull frog and seeing all the different plants native to our desert. Here some of the pictures we got...

If I had the time I would sit and watch this bloom!

The light hitting this grasses was so dreamy and perfect. I would love to photograph here a special little baby that will turn one by thanksgiving of this year but we will see there is so much time in between :)

Project64 / week-17 / red violet
I found my "red violet" finally...I knew there were different shades to a color but I really had no idea how many!

Love these two shots against the sun!

Last photo before heading home, happy to have spent such a nice afternoon in the outdoors before it gets super hot!


  1. I LOVE the shots against the sun, they're beautiful!

  2. I love all of them. Great job!

  3. Seriously Carmen, I remember when you told me you were an aspiring photographer and wanted to learn more about it..etc I have to admit, I ignore a lot of people's blogs AND then again, I am also known for purchasing other photographer's work to hang on my walls! (Don't know, I am a true lover of photography I guess) ; ) Anyways, your work is amazing, (and yes, I do tell the truth!) Who gives a damn what some other NO ONE is saying. What do they know!? Just know this, anyone who has the time to put negativity on someone else's work is just plain out JEALOUS that they can't take images like you can!! There, I said it! ; ) VV

  4. I agree with Victoria, Carmen! Keep up the great work! We believe in you! : )! You're going to get nay-sayers, but ignore them and follow your passion and dream.

  5. Yes to Victoria!! Your work is wonderful and I have many, many photos of my baby to prove it!! :) Keep doing what you love, Carmen! You have a gift, keep sharing it!

  6. It's great to have people that will bring you up when others that don't even know you want to bring you down. Thank you so much for all of your support! It really means a lot :)


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