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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cowboy hats & Boucy balls

Again it has been a while since my last post....sorry. I haven't stopped shooting I just haven't sat down to actually type a post. There is so much going on right now. Afterall this is the end of the school year which by the way it came so fast. May really seems like a blur there was Mother's Day, Mother's day Tea at my sons preschool, my mom's birthday, preschool "graduation" and the end of the year field trip. It has been about two days with out school and my son is already asking if today is a school day!! It really does make me happy that he enjoys going to school :)

He is so ready to start kindergarden; I in the other hand well .....yes I'm very happy and excited for him yet at the same time there is a little sadness but I need to snap out of it and just cherish every moment.
This is how they looked this past Tuesday for "graduation"

Only the oldest graduated but of course the little brother wanted to be like his big brother so I had two cowboys for a day.

Fifteen little boys and girls are all ready for the great big world of kindergarden :)

I was kind of worried about this part of the ceremony because the year before this I came just to take some pictures; I saw that the teacher does a little slide show of pictures that were taken during the year and on this particular year it play "Let them be little" this song always makes me choke up. This year was different but just as special everyone enjoyed it.

On to the coloring for Project64

Project64 / week 19 / Cerulean
This is my youngest son's little hand holding his priced possesions....bouncy rubber balls or just about any ball for that matter. He really just loves balls. He has way too many; several of the same yet he can remember where he puts each one of them.

He told me
" Look mommy these are the blue color you're looking for right?"

I really need to go to bed but before I publish this I wanted to share some of the first pictures my oldest son has taken with his "new camera" we gave him my second point and shot because he had been asking to take pictures with ours and those are too heavy(expensive) for him to be walking around with it.

I love it when he tells me
 "Look I'm being a photographer like you and daddy"

   Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Wonderful photos! Thanks for joining us at P64. Shana


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