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Friday, March 4, 2011

Food can be art!

This past Thursday we had our craft day. I'm so glad my boys enjoy doing things with me. I could have sworn that my oldest would have like this one more than the youngest but I was wrong my youngest was the last one besides me to get up from the table. We usually have one of my oldest son's closes friend and his Grandma who my youngest affectionately calls "Grandma Donut" join us, we all have so much fun. I love how they can be playing and having fun but as soon as we say we are going to do a craft they all run to the table to get on their usual spots.

I had been wanting to this activity for a long time but for one thing or another it got push back. I can clearly remember doing this as a child. I still can close my eyes and see the little house sitting next to a tree along side a river. For the boys we just use a medium size piece of cardboard and I use a frame "Grandma Donut" found at Goodwill for a dollar. All different kinds of beans and tacky glue or glue gun it's all we needed to have a great time. One of this times I should set the camcorder up prior to starting our craft because the conversations that get sparked while doing crafts are quite interesting and so it's the outcome of their work.


  1. That is beautiful, Carmen! I really love what the boys did, too. :)


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