"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Friday, March 18, 2011

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Inspired by one of the many blogs I follow (http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/). Every friday I will attempt to post a picture(s) taken some time during that week that made me "happy"

So this pictures were taken this past Saturday at one of my favorites places to be. A farm owned by the parents of my best friend and sister-in-law. My boys love going probably because they can be kids there; meaning there is so much room to run around. They have horses and according to my youngest cows and goats (not really) but the neighbors do so they can get close enough to where they can enjoy them. They also have very playful dogs and my boys absolutely adore them. On this particular day they were expecting irrigation to come in their front pasture and they ask if the boys would like to play in the water. My oldest wanted but was concerned because we didn't bring swimming attire. He is sooo funny! My youngest in the other hand was quite happy to sport his tiny, cute little "Finding Nemo" big boy pants that he recently got. I was soo worried about potty training him thinking it would be hard and I have been pleasently surprised!!

I'm so blessed to have so many loving people surrounding me and my boys.

 What made me happy this week?

The peaceful sound of the water rushing thru the rocks.
Ability to capture this shot.
Seeing my boys being boys and having fun!


  1. Great photos, Carmen! The one of the rocks is so peaceful. :)

  2. The sound was so peaceful and I coulnd't resist taking a picture or several. Of course you know I was super happy to see the boys getting down and dirty and not minding at all.


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