"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding my plum!

Plum was a tricky color, I had many ideas fruit, flowers, toys and I even own a top that could have been okay but it was just not it; at the end this won me over. I don't even know the correct name for this plant, grass or bush. All I know is that I absolutely LOVE how graceful it moves in the wind and how it's so simple yet so beautiful.

My submission for Project64/week-10/ Plum


  1. Nature revealing her colorful plum!

  2. Simply gorgeous! What a soft and feathery plum color.

  3. @ Scrappy Grams-Just yesterday my family and I went for a walk along side a lake and found the most perfect plum color but this one is the one that caught my eye at that moment. I think nature is the best color mixer.

    @ Misty-Thanks you for your sweet comment and let me tell you that I'm so glad you left me a comment because now I'm following your blog. My oldest son has just recently started eating Tilapia and I love the simple recepies I have read already. He wants to try salmon soon; keep in mind this one is my picky eater so this is big for me.

  4. I'm Here from the UBP11 Party!
    barb g.
    Let's exchange blog buttons sometime.


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