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Monday, June 13, 2011


I have been "organizing toys" which needs to happen every so often because things get all disorganized with two little boys.....don't tell them but sometime I feel like getting rid of everything. I mean the amount of toys has multiplied quickly and sometimes it seems like we are getting ran over by TOYS. I guess is just another stage and will probably one day miss all this chaos.....maybe :) 

While organizing (which my kids think I'm playing with them so it becomes a win win situation) I found several items that were "timberwolf"or pretty close to it.

Here are a couple of the examples:

This two I think match the crayon perfectly but when you write with it it's much more lighter.

Okay the next two photos are not of my kids toys but I believe it's the perfect match to "timberwolf" I will have to confess they are from my archives. They were taken almost a year ago on our first visit to Sea World San Diego. I have always loved dolphins so of course we had to go to the Rocky Point Preserve" there you can feed bottle nose dolphins. We decided we were not doing that instead we just observed but to my surprise one of them came very close to us, so close I was able to touch it(will never forget that feeling) but it almost didn't happen because I froze for a moment....my husband had to tell me "I though one of your dreams was to touch a dolphin, what are you waiting for?" I  think I though I was dreaming :) so on that day I was able to check one of my bucket list items.

Project64 / week 23 / timberwolf

I don't even remember taking this picture but I'm glad I did.

If you would like to give this project a try, click on the button on my side bar so you can go get info and look at the rest of the entries. Everyone is welcomed to join in the fun.

P.S Thank you so much for all the love on my previous post. Every single comment is appreciated.


  1. That's also one of my wanna-dos! Dolphins look like they are smiling. Great match!

  2. Carmen, you have some great photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please DO join in the contest. It closes in 6 hours for this week. Would love to see what you submit. http://throughaphotographerseyes.blogspot.com/2011/06/favorite-photo-of-week-contest-week-3.html

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I am living your photos! I hope you'll join us for Flashback Friday sometime, it's an easy and fun challenge!

  4. These photos are all awesome! The dolphins are so neat!

  5. How can anyone not love the photo of the dolphin? Fabulous shot!

  6. Carmen! Those dolphins are amazing and I would say a perfect match for the timberwolf challenge! How wonderful for you to have been able to actually touch one! I bet they are supper soft, eh? Awesome!


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