"Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still" ~ Dorothea Lange

Monday, June 13, 2011


      Warning!!!...this post will contain LOTS of pictures :)  I hope you enjoy them and hopefully is not too much. Joining two challenges prompted this post. The first challenge is called Crazy Days of Summer and the second one is called Flashback Friday see my side bar and you will find their buttons if you would like to take a look, get info and maybe join too.

       All this photos were taken almost a year ago on our first family vacation when we visited beautiful San Diego CA and while there we went to Mission Beach, Sea World , The San Diego Zoo and The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. We all had so much fun, created tons of memories and took about 1500 pictures or so...and no; not all of them will be posted so don't worry.

I could go on and on but I think the photos will do the talking. I have shared a few of the photos on previous post. I hope I don't overwhelm you....here we go!!! Ready?

My son still talks about his friend the walrus who we visited at least six times while we were at Sea World.

That was a "Crazy Day(s) of Summer" and my submission for this weeks promt over at http://www.projectalicia.com/
We went to Sea World two days and the first day we had to experience getting wet by Shamu which was quite "refreshing" as you can see on the next photo I try putting the camera in a plastic bag but as you can see the picture quality wasn't the greatest so I decided to wing it and try to capture the water coming at us and turning just in time....it work but yes I was crazy trying that.

I had never seen either of this two flowers in person. I only wish I was taller to capture the magnolia better.

Sorry it this was a photo overload.....but I promise I won't do that again at least not for a while :)

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  1. Such great shots...looks like a wonderful trip!


  2. Yuur pics are amazing! Loved the walrus one. Thanks so much for linkin up to our Crazy Days of Summer!

  3. vov love it - I am going to San Diego for 4th of July and can't wait

  4. What a wonderful trip!! It looks like you created some awesome memories!! I love the photos of the panda and the seal!! And my favorite tree...the magnolia! Mine is just starting to bloom! Hoping to capture some great photos as it flowers!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and all your lovely comments. Your boys are adorable! The Sea World shots are amazing! Love the walrus one, the whale splashing the water, and the snake, and so many others...looks like a fantastic holiday!

  6. Such great shots! I would love to take the fam to San Diego!

  7. I enjoyed all your photos. I especially love the one with the walrus, amazing. Visiting from Flashback Friday :)

  8. These are fantastic! You did the best job capturing you sweet fam. My little man would go crazzzy for those Toy Story shorts! So cute.

  9. Love these! My favs are the walrus shot and the sea lion at the end!


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